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Hi, I'm Judy Curtin
  Hi, I'm Judy Curtin, a representative of the wedding industry and founder of Small Weddings LLC.
It seems every time I turn around, someone is asking me why there isn't a company that will cater
to extremely small weddings, like the "at-home" or "in our garden" kind of wedding. Here are just a
few scenarios I hear repeatedly...
                  Sunset Wedding
  "My fiance` and I are planning to elope ... We were thinking about a destination-type wedding where we can be married and honeymoon at the same location ... We've been thinking about a Florida beach wedding at sunset ... Since we're not from that area, who could we contact to help us make all of the arrangements?"  
"Jane and I are getting married right after we graduate from college ... While we would love to have a traditional wedding, with its customary festivities, all of our money has gone toward education expenses and we just can't afford it ... We were thinking about the possibility of downsizing a big wedding ... Do you have any ideas as to how we can do this?"  
Unity Candle
"Jim and I want a "no frills" wedding ... We've saved enough money to go on a fabulous honeymoon ... We want to buy a house and start a family in the near future ... No big church wedding for us, something small, with a unity candle ceremony and someone other than a minister to marry us."    
Renew You Wedding Vows

"My husband and I had a large traditional wedding as did our children ... Now after 50 years of marriage we want to renew our vows at home with our three children, their spouses and some friends ... We anticipate a group of about 25 ... It's been so long since I've arranged for an event this size, I really don't know where to start ... I need help with the details and preperation, but I don't know who to call."

    Small Weddings, LLC
These are perfect examples of what couples experience when they try to plan a small wedding. Small Weddings is the perfect answer to these scenarios. Contact us for information on how we can make your wedding a Small, Simple, Intimate way to create Keepsake memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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