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Pre-packaged weddings are easy to plan and execute and so is customizing them.

If you are planning a small wedding, under 50 people, and would like the freedom of picking and choosing certain items or activities for your special day, you may use our "Add On" or a la carte
concept. Here are some reasons to customize your wedding . . .

Because you always wanted to plan your own wedding

Because a special relative wants to bake your wedding cake

Because you want your minister to perform the ceremony

Because a special someone wants to sing at your wedding

Because you want to have your reception at the restaurant where
you had your first date

Because you want to control your wedding costs and stay within a
certain budget guideline



When you customize your wedding, Small Weddings becomes your personal wedding
assistant willing to perform any need big or small to deliver a memorable, picture-perfect wedding.

      Sterling Rose represents perfection    

The Sterling Rose symbolizes "PERFECTION," and so does Small Weddings. We extend personal and professional service to make your wedding dreams become beautiful, lifetime memories.


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