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Our KISS Weddings (excluding the Simple Wedding) include the ceremony, flowers, professional photography, music and a mini-reception (appetizers, cake, and Champagne to toast).


Keepsake Wedding

Keepsake Wedding (Price based on 25 people)

                                                        . . . $1400


Intimate Wedding

Intimate Wedding (Price based on 4 people)

                                                       . . . $800

Small Wedding

Small Wedding (Price based on 12 people)

                                                        . . . $1100

Simple Wedding

Simple Wedding (Ceremony Only) Includes initial "Getting To Know You" meeting, simple ceremony site, bonded Florida Notary Public to perform the ceremony, choice of wedding vows, displayable wedding vows and wedding certificate, legalization of marriage license.

                                                     . . . $200


Prices are based on the largest number of attendees in each wedding package. The total cost of each wedding will be determined by the total number of people. A service charge is also included in each wedding package price.
Champagne Toast
Champagne to Toast
Hors D'Oeuvres
Hors D'Oeuvres
Wedding Cake
Beautiful Flowers

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